Pushing Boundaries

It was a warm summer day Sir and I were working around the house. Pretty typical stuff for a summer Saturday. I was of course doing my work fully nude as that is how he prefers me at home. One of the many reasons he likes me this way is that I am always available for him then and whatever delicious adventure he might invent. MY Sir is very creative!

The phone rings and he starts making plans with his friends to watch the baseball game that is coming on shortly. I start to make some snacks and such for our guests. Just before they are to arrive I head towards the bedroom to get dressed.

“sassy, please do not get dressed.” I spin around with a dumbfounded look on my face. As he approached me with warm adoration caressing the side of my face and said “I adore you the way you are, please do not get dressed.”

Now I ask you, who can say no to that?! As it turns out not me. I hear the bell ring and I hide out in the back of the house out of sight of his friends. Until I hear “sassy, can you bring me another beer?”

At this point there are several things running through my brain. Say no, I am busy. Say go get it yourself. Deal with my self-consciousness and make him happy and take the damn beer to him. I know this is a test. There are no words how much I want to make him happy and how elated I am when I know I have brought him happiness or joy. I am pondering, evidently a long time when I hear “sassy, can you bring me a beer?”

This is the second time he has asked and that will not be good later for my backside in all likelihood. He does understand how nervous and anxious I am about others seeing me naked. Oh what am I going to do? It’s actually pretty easy, “yes Sir, be right there.”

As I am in the kitchen I hear them chatting and he is telling his friends how well and enthusiastically I suck his cock. I swell with pride, at the honesty and that he is so proud of me! I am blushing 7 different shades of pink of red. Ok this is it.

I step into the den and he looks up at me adoringly. I smile still with traces of my blush and then with every spare ounce of courage I could muster smiled sweetly at his friends as I crossed to Sir bend down kiss his cheek and handed him his beer.

“sassy, I have been telling my friends how well you suck my cock.”

“Thank you Sir, that is very kind and I am flattered.” My blush deepens. When his friend Charles pipes in and says “I must say, you have a very nice ass sassy.”

I turn and thank Charles for the compliment as I am doing so Sir says “Would you like to see how well she sucks my cock?”

Both Charles and Hank say with ill-concealed energy “YES”

I turn expectantly to my Sir. “On your knees sassy, and yes you can orgasm as many times as you like.”

I am over the moon excited! Sucking his cock is my favorite thing in the world to do, and on my knees is almost a guaranteed orgasm. I gleefully sink to my knees and sit there waiting for his cock to be freed. He likes to unzip and watch my eyes light up as it becomes available to me.

As soon as his cock is free I lean forward look up to make sure it is okay to start with a small nod I am sucking him. As I continue to suck, my cum is already dripping down as it doesn’t take much with Sir and with his cock in my mouth well, yea I am going to be dripping.

I start to moan, my first orgasm is building. He turns his head to Charles and Hank “Just wait guys, it gets better.” I would love to know the expression on their faces is a fleeting thought that runs across my brain. Not enough to stop mind you.

One of them responds, could not tell you what you was said, I am busy with my favorite activity. My orgasm is building as he hardens even more. I pull back and suck his glorious balls and he is getting close as well. He normally is not normally this fast to get this hard. I am so excited. I go back to the tip and shaft.

I take him all in and puts a hand on the back of my head and has me take all of him, deep into my throat and that is my undoing. I orgasm long and hard.

As that passes he starts setting a fast and hard pace. I can tell his friends are a distant acknowledgement of their presence as he is fully engaged. This pace is so hard and deep I orgasm again, this one so strong it ripples through my body. The next one is so soon I barely recover and it has started.

He is so close to cumming, I truly hope he lets me swallow him. Just as that thought rolls through my head he is holding me deep on his cock and I am cumming hard again and he starts to cum as well, which only makes my orgasm harder and longer.

When he is done I pull back and look up. He smiles turns to his friends and says “what did I tell you.”

I beam with pride and then I see the mess I have made. I excuse myself to go get a towel and when I come back I am on all fours cleaning the floor.

When I return to the den Sir says “sassy, Charles and Hank want to experience your sucking skills.” I turn to him imploring with my eyes.

“Come here sassy.” I stand in front of him and as he caresses me tells me that they are fine to do this with and that he will be with me the entire time.

I nod, cross to Charles who is smiling ear to ear and as I kneel he unzips. I take one last glance back at Sir and as he smiles and nod I start.

Charles is much larger Sir, which is interesting. He also has not self-control! The man cums so quickly I barely am up to full throttle. Geesh!

I stand up turn to Sir, who is oddly enough stroking himself. I rarely see this so it is different. Of course nothing about this afternoon has been normal nor standard.

I walk to Hank and he is undoing his fly and I kneel. Hank has self-control! I am sucking him and does he taste good! His pre-cum is much sweeter than Sir’s and who could tell about Charles. I pull back to suck his balls and he says no and holds my head and starts fucking my mouth. This guy is good. I wonder if Sir has given him tips, he is the expert in my opinion.

I am holding my orgasm with Hank, it is very challenging. When he grabs my head to start fucking my mouth I just about loose it. He has his cock all the way in my throat and he is hard, very hard and as he stills he lets out a moan that is both intense and satisfying. He is so close. I try to pull back to take him in again and he hold my head and pounds me again. This orgasm is nearly impossible to quash. Cum is running like a river down my leg.

Sir says “sassy you can orgasm with Hank.” I shake my head no and I feel a smack on my backside and I know Sir wants this. I have to clear my head. I save those for Sir, not some guy.

Hank starts picking up the pace again and I am again faced with letting my orgasm go or trying to stop it. I am panting with need, my pussy is aching to be let loose.


Sir has swatted my ass for not listening. “sassy, cum for me.” That is it, I let go. My orgasm rolls through me and it is wonderful. Hank starts to cum and he is holding my head firm. As he cums I start another orgasm.

When all is said and done I stand up and get yet another towel to clean up the floor and as I am on my hands and knees cleaning Sirs says “sassy, stop for a moment just as you are.”

He walks over and says “Doesn’t she have a fine ass and pussy!” He says as he spreads me wide open. I am both pleased with his pride and embarrassed. I am again blushing.

“Watch this guys” Sir says as he puts his fingers in my wide open pussy. Hank and Charles are saying something, not sure. I am focused on Sir. My pussy is tightening around his fingers, I want more of him, here and now.

“Stand up sassy.” He helps me to my feet.

“sassy, I want to use you as fuck toy this afternoon for me, Charles and Hank.” I stare at him open mouthed. “Do you have a question sassy?”

I shake my head no.

“Good” Sir begins to undress as do Charles and Hank.

“Charles you can have another blow job while Hank plays with and fucks her pussy. Her ass is mine tho”

The remainder of the afternoon I gave at least 2 more blow jobs each to Charles and Hank, and not sure how many to Sir.

I had Hank’s cock in my mouth and Charles was in my pussy. Sir decided that was the time to start working on my ass. I was in such need for him, I wanted all of him. Now, I did not want to wait, I did not want anything but more of him, and like NOW.

As he entered me Charles was struggling to keep up Sir said “Charles, keep it up, we have only just gotten started.” That make me smile to myself. I could feel Sir and Charles in me at once and I came unglued. I was cumming so hard I pulled back from Hank so I could gasp for breath.


YES, that is so what I needed. SMACK

Sir knows me better than I know myself at times.


The next orgasm is more intense than the last. I think I am going to split into 2! These orgasms surly cannot get more intense!


Man I do love it when he does that.

As I put Hank back in he is ready to go as well. He is holding my head firm and fucking my throat for all he has. I hear him moan and his intensity is blistering. He cums hard and fast down my throat. Charles is cumming in my pussy and Sir is keeping a steady rhythm. Hank pulls away and Charles is left below me helpless to move until Sir is good and done with me.

I feel him getting harder and harder. He is nearly there.



Intensity is picking up. I feel his balls getting tighter.




Boom, he is moaning and cumming hard. I am cuming again too. I can barely control it when he cums I need to desperately. At this point I have cum in my mouth, pussy and ass.

As he pulls out and Charles is finally free. Sir says “sassy do you need any more orgasms?”

Part of me wants to say yes, part of me knows I should say I am thankful and done. I go with greed. “Sir, I am happy to do more if that would please you.”

“Hop on the bar stool sassy”

I do and lean back on the bar a bit as I am a bit tired, and thirsty. Sir leaves me there totally exposed with 2 naked men. He comes back with water for me. As I drink deeply he turns and asks Charles and Hank “do you know what fisting is?”

I hear them answer no, and this means I am going to be a teaching aide at this point.

“sassy, do you want to show my friends how this is done?”

“Yes Sir of course.”

I hop down and I bend over the bar stool and spread my legs. I immediately focus in on Sir, his touch and his voice.

He starts with 2 fingers and is gently and yet firmly spreading me wider and wider. I feel the next finger go in. Man this feels good, I want more. I start fucking his hand begging for more as cum is running down my legs. He puts in the 4th finger and I lose it. This orgasm has a different intensity. Perhaps it’s that I am being watched.

When he inserts his thumb, I am positively shuddering with my orgasm. I have lost touch with surroundings and am blinding pounding into his hand for all my might. The orgasm is only getting more intense. Eventually is starts to calm a bit and he reaches around and pinches my clit and off I go again. Thankfully his hand is still in me.

I begin again to pound his hand for all my might. The world is starting to come into focus. Wonder what happened?

I blink up and Sir is there, looking down at me. His green eyes are full of adoration and compassion. I am spread eagle on the floor of the den. Charles and Hank are getting dressed. Evidently they are leaving.

After they have left, Sir comes back in and helps me to my feet. We go shower together. I slither into bed and as he wraps me up in my favorite blanket he is playing with my hair and whispers “sassy, I am so very proud of you.”

I smile with contentment and pride. Then fall fast asleep in his arms that will always be there for me, no matter what. Pleasing him, is the most erotic and joyful thing in this world.

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