The LONG Day

It was one of those days when I was checking the clock every 10 minutes and readjusting how much longer until I could leave for the day.  It just seemed as tho every step forward resulted in being pushed back 10.  I had to skip lunch in order to get things done for a presentation, breakfast had not gone far in my day.  Even the texts from Sir weren’t elevating my mood.

The freaking clock will not move faster!

Finally!  Time to leave! Yahoo!!!

As I slide into my car I take a moment and center myself.   How do I improve this craptastic day?  I start hatching a plan, wonder if Sir is up to anything tonight?  I text Sir to see if he can stop by after work.  He agrees to stop by after work.  I hurry home as fast as possible.

I get home, tidy up and get ready for him to arrive.  Normally when he comes over I greet him at the door.  Tonight I text him and ask him to just come on in.  I hear him pull up and I quickly move to the living room, just off the front door.

He walks in and he see his favorite drink on the table, me naked with the exception of my red heels and a single strand of pearls my head is down, legs are spread and my butt plug is already in.  He stands there for a very long moment.  He is looking me over, I know, he is trying to figure out what to make of this setting.

Sir sits down and helps himself to the drink I have made for him, still standing perfectly still.  I am beginning to wonder if this was a good idea or not.  He finally rises and I can hear the ice in the glass moving so I know he still has the glass in his hand.  Sir starts to walk around me, mind you he has not yet said a word since walking in.

I feel ice moving over my back.  Starting at my shoulders and circling a long cold line down to my ass.  He rubs my ass and commands in his rich baritone “bend over” and I do so without hesitation.  He feels that my plug is already there.  He gives a low moaning laugh that means he is surprised and pleased.

SMACK square on my ass.  I grin inwardly, this is so what I need.  I need to clear my mind and truly focus.  SMACK.

Sir walks away, I had placed some his favorite toys on the sofa.  He likes to have them neatly laid out on a white towel.  Sir says he enjoys the color contrast between the black flogger and crop and the white towel.  The vibrator being hot pink also provides a great contrast.  Sir enjoys his world being colorful and clear boundaries and since I am the same way I enjoy setting up the tools and toys for his use.

I hear the clatter of the glass onto the glass coffee table. Hummmm wonder what will happen next?  I know I have pushed, basically demanding a session.  Wonder how this will all go down?  I will know shortly.

The crop slaps across my upper thighs.  There is always that moment after the first cropping that is a moment of intense pain, I do my breathing pattern and I am only half way thru and here comes the next one and the next one.  So this is how it will go down.  I wanted this, I am getting it.

I am not sure how many crop hits happen.  It is intense. There is a clatter and the crop has dropped the floor, not typical behavior.  The flogger makes the first impact as the clatter is still happening.  My legs are aching my ass is sore and must be beyond red.  I am so wet with need.  I am instantly wet as soon as sir walks into the room tho.  The flogger and crop make it more so.

Sir sees how wet I am, and puts 3 fingers and says “good girl, nice and wet for me.”  I merely say “always for you Sir.”  I cannot say more as that would take brain power I do not currently possess.

Sir walks away and I am left there aching for more, yet not daring to peek around to see what is happening nor where he has gone to. I am still bent over watching my strand of pearls just hang there.  My body is beginning to ache with the long time in this bent over stance.

I hear the firm footsteps down the hall which means he is barefoot now, oh how I long to be barefoot.  He puts a hand on my shoulder and supports me and says out of your heels sassy, as much as I do love what they do with your ass I need you barefoot.  I am thankful, excited and confused.  I do as I am told remaining as bent as possible and then I feel the rope around my wrist.  It feels like the red cotton cord that leaves those oh so pretty patterns in my skin.  I am told to stand up straight.  I then see he is naked too, this is such a treat for me!

After there are a few wraps around my left wrist it is then tied to my right wrist.  He then proceeds to fashion a rope harness on me with my hands at my back, lattice up and down my torso and my breasts neatly presented for him, almost framed if you will.  The red cord contrasting nicely with my fair skin.  Sir does like his colors!

He tugs on my necklace and says follow me. I am led away thankfully my feet are not yet bound. We reach the bedroom and I see there is the spreader bar waiting for my ankles and more of his toys that he likes.  So this is what he was doing when he was gone so long.  I am hoping I get to suck him soon, I feel as tho I am going to explode with need for it,  I long to have the feel of his cock shaft on my tongue, the soft tip on my lips.  Having his precum coat my lips and I licking it off.

Sir instructs me to stand legs apart, he puts the spreader bar on me and then with the rope harness already on he move the crotch part and inserts a large vibrator in and turns to low, okay I am thinking this super low!  It is in there just making enough noise to drive me batty.  He moves the rope back over the vibrator to ensure it stays put and then leads me to the bed and tells me to bend over.

I notice that the TV is on and there is a porn movie going.  This is new!  We have never watched porn together, sure he has sent me links of things to watch and such, never together.  He tells me we are going to watch it and I am not to orgasm, I have to hold it while we watch it and he will be flogging me.  Okay I orgasm with almost the first pass of a flogger, how will I control it for the length of a movie?

I want to ask how long is the movie, I hold my question.  I know it would be rude to ask, its a burning question tho.  Sir asks “sassy do you understand me?”

I answer “yes Sir,.”  I do understand I just want more insight, which is not my place to know.

The movie is cued up and I watching a woman suck on a man’s huge cock, and all I can think about is his cock in my mouth.  The sweet taste of his precum, the warmth of his cum in my mouth and throat.  Then I feel the flogger and I almost loose it right there on the first one.

He moves the flogger so that the strands tickle my pussy that is swollen with need, full and slightly vibrating.  My ass is full and in desperate need of more.  More in my ass and more flogging.  The cum is dripping down my leg.  I have managed tho to control my full orgasm.

The woman on the TV is sucking hard as another man is licking her pussy and she is in full orgasm.  I note that she does not appear to be very good at the sucking tho.  I want Sir’s cock and I am ready to beg, wonder if I can beg for his cock.

Several passes on the flogger and I am holding my orgasm with all my might because I am watching a blow job – albeit a poor quality one, and my ass is getting flogged, my pussy is on low vibrating and my ass is full.  I am supposed to focus on this porn when all I want is his cock in my mouth.

He has taken a moment between floggings, I wonder if he will change implements.  I chance a clearing of my throat which is how I indicate I have a question.  “Yes sassy?” Sir asks.

“Humm Sir, may I please suck your glorious cock?”  Sir walks over in front of me and I see his precum is beginning.  Stroking himself he says “you want my cock in your greedy mouth sassy?”

“Yes please Sir, please let me show you I am better than that woman on the movie.  I can do better, please, I need your strong cock in my mouth.”

He smiles and squeezes the tip to get more precum out, and I am licking the air trying to get it.  Please Sir, may I?  He steps closer and says tongue out, I do.  He places his precum on my tongue.  “Now lick your lips sassy” and I do so.

I want to swallow so badly.  “Sassy on your knees and prove how much better you think you are.”  I am overjoyed.

“Sassy there are still no orgasms for you, control it.”  Oh no I say inwardly.  I have never been able to stop them when sucking his cock.

I take a deep breath, as much as I can still all tied up.  As I inhale his hard length into my mouth I hear him moan in pained pleasure.  He is so hard I am not sure I have felt him this hard before.  His balls are begging for my tongue so I dip down and roll them on my tongue and I hear a gasp from him.  He has full view of the TV my back is to it.  I am glad, she was terrible at it.

All of the sudden I feel the vibrator go into high speed.  He has in the remote control one, gosh my Master is a clever guy!  My orgasm is so nearly there I am blinded with need.  I suck as tho his cock is my lifeline. He pushes way past my gag reflex and is going down my throat.

He pulls out suddenly, and I try to follow his cock.  He chuckles and says no this is going to be for your tits.  The next load you may have in your mouth. At which point he cums gloriously over my tits. I am as always disappointed that I do not get to swallow.  He did say the next load is for me to swallow.

I look up at him questioningly.  He smiles and pats my head and says “yes sassy you did better than her” as he points to the TV.  “Back up on your feet, bend over and watch her some more.”

I bend over not looking forward to what I will see next.  Vanilla porn is so truly dull.  I do as I am told, before I bend over he stops me and puts on the clover leaf nipple clamps.  After I am bent over he removes the butt plug and puts in the larger one moves the rope back over and then proceeds with a paddling.

As I was standing up I noticed I have left a wet spot on the floor with the just dripping of my cum, not even a full orgasm.

There is more paddling, I am so focused on controlling my orgasm everything in the world seems to evaporate away except for the sound of his voice and the beat of my heart.  The TV is still going there a rudimentary acknowledgment of the fact that it is still on, as to what is on, that it is still showing a group of people having sex is of no consequence to me at this point.

My ass is on fire, I begin to wonder how many strikes it has taken.  Then suddenly the paddling stops. I can feel the cum pouring out of me and my orgasm is barely controlled.  I am not sure how much longer I can hold this orgasm from unfurling completely.  I do not have permission yet, this is my mantra, wait for permission.

I am told to kneel. I am hoping this means I get to suck him again.  He is standing over me and cock is gloriously hard and right in front of me.  I wait this time to be told, knowing while he likes it when I beg for his cock, there is a limit to how much he likes.  I kneel waiting I chance a glance up to his eyes.

His eyes are deep and passionate green.  They have no mercy behind them at the moment, no humor just pure and unwavering Dominance.  I know that there is no begging at this point.  He takes a step forward and commands unlike I have ever heard before “Suck me.  Sassy you will suck me dry”, he tells me as he steps forward.

I am so excited for this.

His cock enters my mouth and I let a moan escape, I tried hard to not make a sound it is such a primal response to his cock in my mouth.  I start to pull back because I want to lick his balls, and he holds my head firmly in place.

“My balls are off limits, sassy, you will only have my cock. Now suck.”

I am sucking his cock and his hand is the back of my head setting a blistering pace.  “Open wider sassy!”

My mouth is already open as far as it can be, oh my he means my throat.  I take a few deep breaths to relax my throat and his cock slides down.  He moans, I know this means I understood what he wanted.  I am so very excited to have hopefully brought him pleasure.

The blistering pace is kept up, my throat is getting sore from the impact of his cock.  I am not sure I am able to hold orgasm any further.  The orgasms is starting to break through, there is so much going on.  Sir sees the orgasm starting in me, he uses the crop smacks my ass.  “Stop it sassy, no orgasm!”  I can only nod as my mouth is full of his cock.

Not wanting his cock to be removed I quell the orgasm, by sheer force of will.  His balls are starting to contract, the vein in his cock has started the frantic rhythm that tells me he is close.  I am hoping beyond hope I get to swallow this time.

He pulls out of my greedy mouth and say “open your greedy mouth and tongue out.”

I do as am I am told and he explodes.  I look up at him, he says “swallow.”  At long last I get to swallow his cum.  I do so and moan with extreme pleasure.  I close my eyes as I am swallowing savoring the taste and feel.

“Stand and bend over” he commands me.  I do as quickly as possible, at this point I am sore, full of a monster orgasm and that damn vibrator won’t stop.  It seems to have been put on a cycle of low for long periods of time then high.  My clit has been throbbing so hard for so long it feels as tho it will fall off.  The red rope is rubbing it which is only adding to the fact it needs release too.

My butt plug is removed and his cock goes in.  Holding my hips in his hands he sets a pace that is making it hard to think.  My orgasm, it is getting harder and harder to quell and control.

I pass into deeper and deeper sub space.   All that I am aware of is Sir, his hands, his voice the feel of his hands, and his cock deep in my ass.  I need more of it, I need to orgasm. I have a physical and primal need for more of Sir to be deep inside me.

I hear the familiar moan that tells me he is about ready to cum again.  He explodes filling my ass with his hot cum. What an amazing feeling!

He walks away I am still bent over trying to figure out how to control this orgasm that won’t be ignored any longer.  When he comes back, he tells me to stand up.

As I stand I feel the cords being removed.  After all the cords are removed my ankles are freed.  “on your back sassy.”

I look around and I am wondering where, chancing a glance at him he smiles and says “on the bed.”

As I climb on the bed I realize how truly sore my ass is.  He wants me on my back, and my ass feels like forest fire.  He drags my legs and moves my body close to the edge of the bed.  He is tracing the impressions the red cord has made on my body with his fingers ever so lightly.  He comments “my, my, my little one.  What beautiful markings you have.”

I nod and say “thank you for them, Sir.”

He finally removes the vibrator. I sigh with a little relief.

Sir looks deep in my eyes and tells me “sassy, I want to see how long you can orgasm and how much cum I can get out of you.”

I hear the words, just not sure I fully comprehend what they mean.  I have been fighting to control my orgasm all night wasn’t that what he wanted?  I cannot begin to process this now I have raw needs that need to be handled.

He puts his hand on pussy the pressure alone is almost too much to bear, I am squirming with need and desperately need to let my orgasm go.  “sassy you are wet, greedy and in need aren’t you.” A grunt is all I can muster, the power of the spoken word has long since left me.

He puts a finger in me, I clench around him.  Again I am still trying to control this orgasm. He puts in 2 more fingers, there are 3 in and stretching me, pushing me.  Control this, I keep telling myself.

He puts his entire hand in my greedy pussy takes it all and starts to clench hard around his fist.  I need this, I need the fullness and I need the friction.  Oh wait I need to control it.


Sir starts to move hard in my pussy, my body is arching and trying to relieve the need deep in my pussy.  The need is blinding.

“Cum for me now!”  I do, it is pure and raw sensation the nipple clamps that have been on this entire time are pulled and pulled off as he finishes his statement.  The orgasm is so strong my sides are hurting.  The orgasm is still moving through me.  It will not stop, I do not want it to stop, this orgasm seems as tho you are giving water to a thirsty man.

Sir hasn’t stopped moving his fist, it is still going.  The cum won’t stop, the orgasm won’t stop.  “Keep going sassy, give me more.”  That is all the encouragement I need, and somehow the orgasm becomes more intense.  I am spreading my legs trying to get Sir deeper into me.

I need Sir, I need him deep in me, its an insatiable need.  The orgasm is still going, its as if all my multiple orgasms have merged into almost a tsunami.

Eventually, it seems as tho the orgasms are calming down.  Sir spanks my pussy with the flogger and it makes a splat sound cause I am so wet and there is so much cum on me.  That first flog incited another orgasm hits, again. There is no control whatsoever at this point, I let it roll through.  There is another flog and another orgasm.  This pattern happens several more times.

Finally it appears the orgasms are worked out of me.  Sir is hold me, playing with my hair.  I am flirting with consciousness. He is always there, holding me, playing with my hair.  I roll into him needing him more, my ass reminds me of what it went through earlier.  “I am going to go get your lotion, I will be right back my sassy.”

I hold him tight and just shake my head.  He allows me to curl up into him and doesn’t leave me.  He never leaves me.

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