You want me to do what, Sir?

Sir calls me and tells me to be in his favorite outfit of my black leather skirt and red silk blouse, plus the large black leather collar as well. When I am asked to wear my leather collar I know my boundaries are about to pushed and tested. Wonder which boundary is about to be pushed? Wonder why tonight? Wonder why he is picking me up rather than meeting somewhere first? My mind is absolutely racing as I am getting ready.

I am finally ready and waiting for him promptly at 8pm. Wonder what is in store for tonight? Man I need to get my head clear. When my boundaries are being pushed a clear mind is an absolute must.

Sir pulls in the drive and walks up the path. My nerves are instantly electrified as soon as I see him, as always. I am anxious and excited. As soon as he walks in the door I look into his eyes and see only full on dominance and in full command of the situation. There will be no mouthing off from me tonight, no push back.

Sir turns to me and says “We are leaving now, are you ready?”

“Yes Sir I am.” My hands are firmly in the small of my back awaiting my next instruction.

“Good, follow me.” Is all he says and I fall in step behind him as we leave my quaint apartment. I follow him to his car and we drive in silence. This is a little off putting as we normally are so chatty on the way to an event or even just an evening out.

We pull into a parking area to a very nice and large home, I have never been here before and have no idea what we are doing. I am so unsettled between not knowing what we are doing and this new place and not speaking. Wonder if I made him upset, wonder if he is angry with me, worse I disappointed him. Oh NO, I must have. This week was such turmoil in my professional life, it must have seeped over. Disappointing Sir, this is truly unbearable. Tears are starting to form in my eyes at this thought.

“sassy, you need to relax. This evening is about pushing a new boundary. One that you are ready have pushed and have been for a long time.” He is holding my face. I see the sincerity in his eyes. I am searching desperately for the answer to my unasked question, have I disappointed you.

He kisses my head “Stay there I will be opening your door.”

As he walks around the car I take a deep breath. I know he has everything under control. He would not do this if I weren’t ready and it wasn’t safe. I trust him with my heart, mind, soul and body. Actually, he is the only one I ever have totally trusted.

He is at my door, opens it. I take a huge deep breath in, release it, smile up at him and slide out of the car. He takes my hand helping me out. There is something deeper in his eyes, what is it I wonder.

As we walk towards what appears to be the front door he puts his hand on the small of my back and I settle in. My breathing is coming under control and my nerves follow suit.

There is a bouncer or guard at the door. Sir smiles and states that we are here for the party. My mind is now processing every minute detail. A party, normally when we go to kink parties he tells me in advance and that means we are observing and making notes for us to use at home. Sir said something about a boundary being pushed. Does this mean participation?

We walk in this very nice and large foyer and I hear music and chit chat coming from a room off to the left.

“sassy, my dear, you will be fine tonight. I will never leave your side.” As he says this he is kissing my hair by my ear.

I simply nod.

We walk in what appears to be a den with a very handsome bar at one end. Everyone is casually sitting and chatting. I notice that the women there are all nude and waiting on their men, bringing drinks and such. At this point none of the people are familiar to me. I glance up at Sir. I want to ask what is expected of me, this is not a question I need concern myself with as he will tell me when I need to know.

He guides me over to one very tall brunette lady and introduces me to her. “Isabelle, this is sassy. She will be serving me tonight. Please help her out of her clothes and show her where everything is.”

I must be flushing 1,000 shades of red ranging from pale pink to fire engine red. How can I do this?! My body is not suitable for anyone to see outside of Sir. Let alone standing next to all these very nice and elegant women who are obviously far more physically fit.

Sir leans in and kisses my head, “see you in a few moments.”

I follow Isabelle to a room just off the side of the den.

“sassy please take off your clothes except for your heels and collar, leave your clothes folded here on this bench.” She is pointing to a nice bench that has a row of nicely stacked clothing.

Isabelle is not leaving so I begin to undress, losing the rose blush, I am fully fire engine red at this point. As I take off my panties and fold everything Isabelle comments “Your Sir is very excited for this evening.” I look at her begging with my eyes to tell me more. It is at that point I notice she is smiling.

“Isabelle, thank you for helping me in here. I am so very nervous and terrified.”

“sassy, you have nothing to worry about. You are beautiful from the inside out and all parts of you. If you do not believe your Master nor me, then perhaps that is the lesson for tonight.”

I feel as tho my skin is on fire at this point. “Please follow me sassy. I will show you where to pick up drinks and which ones you can pull yourself and which ones you need Andy to make for you.”

I follow quickly in her wake, she is tall with olive skin tone and I think she is a runner or cyclist by her amazing calves. She also has a perky ass that I would give anything to have.

As I enter the bar area I catch a glimpse at Sir. I am still fire engine red, he nods smiles and resumes his conversation. He smiled, that is a good sign!

Isabelle introduces me to Andy. He is the bartender for the evening and is such a very nice young man. He makes eye contact, not just at my boobs. He is chatty but not overly so. He would be someone I could imagine grabbing a beer with and watching a baseball game.

I have my list of things I can just grab and other that I need to have Andy pull for me. Now it is time for the scary walk across the room to Sir. I will not have the protection of the shadows nor Isabelle. I get so very embarrassed with even kissing Sir in public where others might see. Here there is nothing left to the imagination I am full on exposed.

I square my shoulders, take a deep breath and feel my collar. One step at a time I cross the room. At the point I reach Sir I am redder than my red patent heels that I am wearing. My breath is shallow and fast. I stand legs apart hands in the small of my back and look at Sir “what may I bring you to drink Sir?”

He smiles his face splitting smile, I have done well is what that means. I sure hope I can keep this up. “Bring me a whiskey neat.”

I turn and walk away smiling to myself. Whew, so maybe just maybe I haven’t disappointed him.

As I approach the bar I see Andy and he is watching my approach. “Andy, may I please have a whiskey neat for my Sir”

“Yes of course, sassy.” He smiles and turns around to pour the whiskey. I notice he is only wearing a half apron. Hummmmm wonder if he is a submissive as well, and if so who he belongs to.

As he comes back I smile and turn. There is the large expanse of the room again. No hiding. What on earth am I doing?! I am here to make my Sir happy, after taking a big breath in, I cross the room again.

I lean over and hand him his drink. Sir smiles and caresses my ass, as I stay very still so that he can continue or do whatever else he wants. All too soon he looks at me “kneel here next to me.”

I quickly kneel putting my legs together as tightly as humanly possible. My knees are turning white they are so snug on each other. Sir is petting my head and notices. Pulling my head back “kneel like I have shown you, be a good girl sassy.”

Turning an even deeper shade of red I do as I am told. In my mind I recite to myself, he has this, he has this, no harm will come to me, leave fear behind, he is here and he has this.

He continues to stroke my hair. I register that he is talking but the words are not clear as I am so focused on maintaining a small modicum of modesty. In all reality modesty is LONG GONE. Nothing to do but focus on my breathing and await his next request of me.

As I kneel looking around the room I notice that all of the subs are nude except for their collars and sometimes heels. The male subs are just barefoot, how I envy that! I am noticing that these people are of all different types, shapes and ethnicities. Wonder if I am as hideous to see naked as I fear?

“sassy, bring me another drink.” As I stand and walk away he flicks my ass with a whip I did not see that he had. Actually do not remember him even bringing one in the building. I stop in my tracks and wait. “You forgot my glass.”

Spinning around I am red this time from my forgetfulness. I take the glass from his outstretched hand and return promptly to the bar. Andy pours the drink and I return to Sir. “Stand in front me sassy.”

At least when I was kneeling I was out of direct line of all the eyes in the room. Here in front of him I have no cover quite literally. Sir has taught me previously when I stand before him I am to bow my head, hands in the small of my back and legs spread apart. I stand as told and wait. He takes a long drink from his glass and he pulls something from his pocket. There in his hand are nipple clamps.

He pulls first my right breast and teases my nipple. The man he was talking to says, “She really does have very reactive nipples just as you said.”

My mind is whirling, he has told other people of my body, oh no.

“Yes, my sassy has a most pleasing body. I adore the way her nipples react and you should see how wet her pussy gets when she is excited or when she is rewarded with sucking me.”

I am now turning red from the praise and because there is another person seriously checking my naked form out from head to toe and lots of other places in between.

He is not putting on the left nipple clamp and as normal I am starting to get wet. I really wish at this point I had better control over that! Sir doesn’t like me controlling my wetness, just my orgasms and my mouth.

Sir pulls on my collar as he walks in front of me. He loops in a chain and then connects it to my nipple clamps. It is snug enough that when I walk it will pull on them.

“Turn around”

I do as I am told instantly.

“Bend over”

I do as I am told instantly. Oh no, this is usually how he puts in my butt plug. There are people watching, what, what WHAT?!

I take a deep breath grab each side of my ass and open it for him, as that is what is expected. Sure enough here comes the plug.

I am so very mortified at this point, I am beginning to lose focus. That is never good. Deep breath. He has this, he has this, he is protecting me, leave fear behind, he has this. The room disappears into vapor, it is just his voice, his touch, and nothing else exists.

“Stand up sassy” in his baritone voice.

I do as I am told. No longer red, no longer embarrassed. I look into his eyes and am meet with adoration and dominance. I bow my head.

His hand roams over me. He lingers at my pussy and quickly puts 1 finger in to see how I am reacting. His smile while not visible to me is very evident.

Wonder what will happen next. Will he let someone else touch me? Will I be asked to do something else new? Wait, I need to focus. Deep breath. He has this, he has this, he is protecting me, leave fear behind, he has this.

“Steve, can we use your play room for a bit?”

“Sure no problem.”

Sir pulls the chain and walks me from the room. The play room is just down the hall and as we enter I smell something light and citrus and notice the temperature is quite a bit cooler. I stand quietly awaiting my next instruction.

Sir takes me to a bench “Lean over the bench sassy, hands in front of you.”

I do as I am told. His hand lands squarely on my left cheek. There are several more then I feel the strands of the flogger. The strands dance on my back and get tantalizingly close to my pussy. Then the sting of the first impact from the flogger.

Sir reaches around and tugs on the chain. My pussy is so very wet it is starting to run down my legs. Deep breath, if I am good, I might get to suck him.

He has now 2 whips and is using both alternating on my ass. It must be as red as I was from embarrassment. Deep breath. Give into the sensation and the feeling.

It is about this time I feel in fingering me. There is the welcome friction I have been craving. Idly wonder how many fingers he has in me, wonder if I can have more?

He continues to finger me, “sassy hold your orgasm.”

Deeper breath. I can do this for him, it will make him happy. I will do anything to make him happy. He pulls his hand out, darn it!

He starts back with the 2 handed whips. Then the flogger somehow gets into the mix. My master sure is talented. Wonder how red my ass is?

My nipples are killing me, they need attention and out of the clamps desperately. As if he is reading my mind he is now standing in front of me “stand up.”

I do, and he starts licking my nipples which is just about my undoing. This building orgasm is getting harder and harder to control. His other hand is teasing my left nipple while he licks my right one. I am helpless with his touch. The orgasm is starting. He said to hold it. I cannot let it go.

He removes the clamps and puts cuffs on my wrists. “Step out of your heels.” Pure joy!

I step out and leads me over to a large bed in the middle of the room and he sits down. “Suck me.”

Oh my! I earned a reward!!! How lucky can a girl be!

I eagerly kneel down as he unzips his pants. As he pulls his cock free I glance up and am again met with adoration and full dominance. My orgasm is almost too much for me at that point. I smile and start sucking. He holds my head down so his full length is in me and as I take him fully in my orgasm is not being contained any further.

This orgasm is more like a hurricane than an orgasm, my mouth full of his cock, how can I not be? He uses a crop and smacks my ass “No orgasm yet.”

Great now I have to stop it. He pulls me off his cock and won’t let me back until I have control again.

Finally, back in control he lets me suck again. I am going at a fairly decent pace and he starts setting the pace with his hand on my head. This is so glorious! I want more, I want to take him in deep again. This time I will have control. Again as if reading my mind, he holds me there. I am controlling the orgasm.

Kneeling with my mouth truly full of him and my hands cuffed at my back, this is where I am most centered, most in touch with my feminine side, most me.

He stands me up, way too soon for my taste. “Bend over sassy.”

I do as I am told. He spread me wide open and starts a pounding rhythm. “Orgasm for me now!” He commands as he spanks my red and sore ass.

At this point I am afraid of how strong it will be. Can I handle it? Deep breath. He has this, he has this, he is protecting me, leave fear behind, he has this.

One more smack on my ass and the orgasm is tearing through me. It is the hardest, most deeply felt, bordering on violent orgasm of my life.

All that is there is Sir I feel him, I hear his breath begin to hitch. He is also about ready to cum as well. I want to hear it more fully, my orgasm is still going and it not stopping. I feel him start to cum and I am still in full orgasm, his orgasm is sending me over the edge again!

He spanks my ass several more times as my orgasm begins to wane. I am still delirious and I feel the cuffs coming off of me. When did I lay down?

Sir has begun to curl up next to me. I do so enjoy our cuddle afterwards. He is pushing the hair off my face since it is clinging to my forehead that was sweating.

No words are spoken. It is just us, quietly coming back to the world around us.

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