Dear Headline Writers

Dear Headline Writers,

WHY OH WHY is every other news article or helpful article about how I am doing something wrong?  I mean seriously do they think so little of people that they assume no one knows how to say wash dishes or eat with chopsticks or even set a table for casual dining?!  COME ON, get a grip and get off my ass about how you think you know me and or how I or do not do something correctly.

If you want to educate me on a new trend or that an code of conduct has changed or evolved then by all means say that, DO NOT I repeat DO NOT start off by saying “The 10 things you are doing wrong while you clean your home.”  I call bullshit and defy you to come to my home and tell me how I am doing it wrong.

All these headlines do is belittle people and their skills. These headlines do serve a purpose, they show how little they think of their readers.

So to all the headline writers in all the articles in the land that start with “The XYZ thing you are doing wrong.” I have one concise response:



Sassy (yes, capitalization intended)

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