An Erotic Visitor

This a fantasy writing I did a while back, its an interesting fantasy that I continue to think about off and on.  Interesting how these things come back around in your thoughts.

Sir and I arrive home from errands and he informs me that we will be having a friend of his over for dinner. I was surprised and bustled in to start tidying the home for the friend to come over. Sir was close behind me and when I entered he gave me a tut tut for not remembering to strip down when I entered the home.

I stood stock still and undressed immediately and put on my heels that he prefers to see me in. I turned and bent over and he smacked my ass several times for the forgetfulness.

I continue to tidy up and eventually I hear him call for me. As I approach his office I hear two voices and freeze. He calls for me again and I take a deep breath remembering I am naked except for my red heels. I peek around the door and Sir is there with a younger man. Sir getting annoyed with me that I am taking so long. I enter and quickly go to stand behind him shielding my nakedness from the younger man.

Sir spins around and asks why I am hiding. My eyes beg for coverage and I am flushed dark crimson. Sir tells me to stand for inspection, tears of embarrassment begin to fall. He gives me one look and I do as I am told. Feet are spread wide apart, hands are behind my back. I realize Sir had asked me several days ago to not shave for a few days. I turn more embarrassed to know I am not as his normally prefers.

Sir begins by telling me that this young man John will be training with Sir to become a Dom himself. Sir walks John around me pointing out some of my redeeming features. He points out my pussy and John comments that it has hair and looks unkempt. Sir states that it does look unkempt and normally I am fully shaven. I am begging with my eyes to leave but remain stock still.

Sir tells me lay on his desk, on my back with legs spread wide so that John and he may look more closely at my pussy. As I do Sir brings out a bowl of water and razor. Sir tells John that his first lesson will be to learn how to properly shave a pussy so that he may teach his own sub one day.

Tears stream down from my eyes begging Sir to let me do it myself. Sir bends down and wipes my tears and says, don’t worry my sassy I have you. Sir cuffs my hands above my head and I relax.

John asks if all subs relax in cuffs. Sir tells him not all but many do. John comments how wet my pussy is and that clit is already looking greedy. Sir tells him that this is how his sub behaves, always wet and ready for Sir’s pleasure. John is impressed.

Sir dampens the hair and lathers me. He takes the first swipe showing how to hold the pussy lips just so. Sir hands the razor to John. I freeze and beg with my eyes again. Sir puts on my nipple clamps and I still. John begins to shave my pussy. When they are don Sir allows John to complete a full inspection of my pussy.

Sir tells John to lick the area and tongue fuck me so that he could feel how smooth my pussy is. John begins and Sir tells me not to cum, that my cum is reserved for him.

I am begging to cum and the chain on my nipple clamps is pulled. John pulls away and Sir tells me to stand and bend over that I am show John my ass. I stand and bend over spreading my ass wide for them. They take turns poking my ass with their fingers.

Sir lubes my ass and shows John how to put in a butt plug. I gasp as it goes in. Sir tells me to let me ass go and stay bent.

Sir begins to flog my ass, my pussy is dripping with cum begging for release. Sir tells me again to hold my cum.

The flogger is licking my pussy and my clit is throbbing hard and fast. Sir explains how to flog properly. John takes a few attempts and then I beg Sir to let me cum. Sir informs me not yet.

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