Sir and I were laying in bed chatting about our respective days and how busy they were. Sir was telling me that he was going to work from home the next day. This is a special treat since I was already taking the day off. Interesting that he should chose to take the day to work from home as he was in the practice of always going into the office.

“Sir, why are you choosing to work from home tomorrow?”

“Well my sassy, I have only a few conference calls, a very light day and would like some additional time with you.”

I beam up at him and I am filled with adoration and pride. Curling in close to him I feel his warmth and the mixture of his soap and aftershave giving him that deeply masculine scent that has always filled me with a combination of warm adoration and intense deep sexual desire. Running my hands over his bare chest his chest hair tickles my hands and smile into his smile, I hear him sigh with contentment and compassion. His hands are roaming over my bare backside, he has this thing for my ass. I breath him in and fall quickly to sleep.

In the morning everything seems to proceed as a normal morning except for the fact that I am not getting dressed for work and Sir has gone to his study to work from home after his breakfast. I hear Sir call for me, so I quickly go to his study.

“sassy, are you done with the kitchen clean up?”

“No Sir, I am still finishing up.” I answer quickly and am nervous that I did not do something quickly enough. I start fidgeting with my hands.

“sassy, you are not in trouble, just relax. When you are done take a moment to relax and then come in when you are ready.”

I leave quickly and finish cleaning up the kitchen. I take a few minutes and freshen up a bit. I am certain that Sir wants to use my body in some fashion. I know he said to relax for a few minutes, I am so excited that I do not relax for very long.

As I walk in I hear him on the phone and sounds as tho he will be wrapping up. I silently walk in and look at him for where he wants me to stand. He points to the area right next to him. As I walk over I see the St. Andrews Cross has been moved into his study. Hummmmm interesting.

I stand legs shoulder width apart, hands at the small of my back. I know I am already wet, its so darn hard to control being wet around Sir. I am always hungry and in desperate need of his touch.

As he is talking on the phone he puts a finger on my pussy to see if I am wet and needy. I do not disappoint him. He keeps talking as he plays with my pussy. I remain stock still and my cum is running down my legs and making a wet spot on carpet.

Sir has 2 fingers in my pussy, I want so much to moan. I do not dare as he is still on the phone. My mind is racing! He has never had me present for one of his work calls, normally our professional lives are very separate from our personal lives and to have him ask me in here is quite something. Then there is the St Andrew’s cross in the corner that is normally down in the basement where we have some of our longer sessions together. Ohhhhh I wonder if this will be a longer session as he did ask me to rest and the cross is in here. Well I guess I will see how it turns out, like always Sir ALWAYS has a purpose in what he asks of me, wonder when I will get that through my skull?!

Sir is wrapping up his call and his hand is still in my pussy. My eyes are looking straight at him those deep emerald eyes that are all knowing and passionate. I hear more than see that he is no longer on the phone. My focus is strictly on his eyes and his body language to tell me what I need to do.

Sir stands and looks down at me telling me “sassy, you will be pushed today both physically and emotionally. I asked you to rest for that purpose. As you have not rested much, you may tire early in this day, that will not change what I do.”

As I listen intently, I know there are many lessons to be learned today and many boundaries to be pushed. Since I trust him implicitly I merely nod my head and mentally chastise myself for not obeying him.

He leans down and kisses me deeply and passionately. “sassy, you need to stop processing now and submit to me.”

I take a deep breath, relax my shoulders and nod. My submission is full and complete in on e moment. I submit all the time to him, he needs my full and unwavering submission now, and I give that to him freely. He is my Sir.

“Good girl sassy. Now get on the cross ass out.”

As I step away he is following me closely. When we get there I notice the brown leather wrist restraints are in place as are the ankle restraints. I also notice the blindfold is dangling off the middle of the cross. I take my final step and begin to position myself.

“Wait sassy, present your ass for inspection.” I pause, bend slightly and grab each of my ass checks and spread wide for him.

“sassy, you will have in your large plug today.” Sir walks over somewhere out of my sight and returns quickly with the large one. He pulls out the small one, take a moment to finger my ass and then puts in the large plug. This one feels differently than what I am used to, it feels metallic not silicone.

So the large plug, I have a very VERY hard time keeping that securely in. I begin to get anxious. I take a moment as he has coached me and remember he has the control, I just need to do as I am told. He has this – my mantra.

“Stand up sassy.”

I do quickly and feel fullness of the large plug. “Now put on the blindfold.” As I do he steps so close to me I feel his warmth.

He deftly belts in my wrists and ankles. I feel my leather house collar being removed and my larger collar with the ring on it being put on. Then I feel a rope being threaded into the ring. This rope is also being connected to the plug in my ass. Every tug of the rope I clench trying desperately to not let it fall out.

The tension in the rope is such that every movement of my head and neck makes the plug tug. Vice versa every movement of my ass tugs my collar. This is NEW! He has this, rolls in my mind again.

He steps away and I imagine him admiring his handiwork. I cannot tell which rope is being used, the red cord has such specific feel, that I do not think it is that.


The paddle hits my outer ass cheek. It is attention getting. There is a series of whacks on each side. He has this rhythm of soft to hard, slow to fast. I crave to arch towards him to make myself more and more open to him. Each time I am reminded of the rope between my ass and collar.

He reaches down and puts his hand over my pussy. He is purposeful to not put a finger in me. My pussy is beyond wet, my cum is running down my legs and my orgasm is building.

He steps away again. My ass has to be red, okay maybe only rose colored. I hear him pick up the phone. I did not even hear it. He starts talking, and I can tell this will be a few minutes. I do not hear the words, I just hear the baritone voice of my Master.

Sir says “Of course John”

This breaks into my head. John is the new Dom he is training. Oh my, is he coming over? I am totally exposed and stretched out on the cross. What do I do? What I am doing is panicking at this point. John has see every part of me, yes, that is a given. He has never seen me like this, I have no shelter to hide. I am not comfortable yet being naked with him or anyone other my Master. Now my face is turning red in embarrassment and I am starting to sweat. Panic is taking hold.


A firm and hard paddling begins. My mantra, my mantra – he has this.

I counted 30 firm whacks on each side. He has this.

He has this. I relax into the cross.

Sir walks around and places a nipple clamp on my right breast and then runs the chain on the outside of the cross to my left breast. Now when I move at all my nipples will be pulled.

Sir’s warmth is so close. I crave more of his touch.

The flogger begins to run my back, I feel each strand dancing across my back. The strands tease my red ass. It is oddly cooling and yet so tantalizing.


The flogger makes contact with my ass and a few strand hit my pussy. The cum is freely flowing and my orgasm is building harder and faster.


Again the flogger makes contact, and again. In all I think there are roughly 50. I could be wrong. Sir whispers in my ear “I am taking a break sassy, I have a phone call to attend to.”

I think that he will be unbinding me. I thought wrong.

The plug in my ass is feeling so huge right now! It’s hard to say if it’s from the persistent tugging or if it’s because of the constant state of clenching to desperately try and keep it in. I am taking cleansing breaths trying to figure out what will happen next, how long the call will take, and by the way I am kinda thirsty. I know he has this and since I cannot see Sir I can only hear and feel him when he is close I dare not ask for a drink until I am confident he is off the phone, to interrupt would be rude.

Sir is talking, again I do not hear the words just his voice. I know when he needs me to pay attention I will know without a doubt. My breathing has evened out and my pulse is calming. My pussy is aching with a desperate need to be allowed a full hard and cathartic orgasm.

I feel the warmth of Sir, I smell his aftershave he is with me again. I long to lean into him and I long to make him happy. How do I make him happy? I do what is asked of me with little to no questions and promptly. Here tied to a cross I am his to use and play with at his leisure, and today it appears the leisure part will be emphasized.

Sir walks around to the front of me and puts a straw in my mouth and says suck. There is a slight southern drawl in voice, I know he is so very aroused. When Sir is aroused his southern roots come through, it is so deeply comforting to know that he is aroused which means I am pleasing him. I long to see his eyes, they are truly windows to his soul, as are mine. We can read each other like a book when we look into each other’s eyes. I suck in cool and refreshing water. As I come up for air I say “thank you very much Sir.”

“Sassy,” he whispers in my ear as one hand rubs my backside with an ice cube, “you are my pride and joy. I care for you deeply and I trust you wholeheartedly. Do you trust me?”

‘Yes Sir I trust you implicitly.”

“Good.” is all I hear in response.

This brief conversation has my pulse quickening. This means boundaries are about to be pushed. Wonder which boundary? What am I going to do? What will happen? I mentally chastize myself, remember the mantra, he has this.

He has this!

I feel his warmth leaving me. It occurs to me the office is a bit chilly. I hear him walk to the door and then walk out of the room. Okay, this is not the first time I have been left alone on the cross, with the previous conversation I am starting panic.

He has this!

My ears are on over drive trying to hear any sounds or clues as to what may be happening. I hear nothing, dang.

He has this, he has this!

I start to calm a bit. I hear Sir coming down the hallway and he is speaking to someone.

“No, that won’t be possible today. Perhaps tomorrow. Sorry about that John, just wrapping up a last call for the day.”

Wait, what!? John, is he here or just on the phone?

“No problem, I am anxious to see how you have sassy tied to the cross though.”

Shit! John is here! Somehow being tied to the cross with a rosy red ass seems more revealing than even when Sir walked him through shaving me. While I am not gagged, as that is a boundary, I have a standing rule that when tied to the cross I am to remain quiet. Oh how I do NOT like that rule right now.

He has this … right?!

Thankfully I am blindfolded, so Sir does not see the anxiety in my eyes. My body is tense which pulls even harder on the plug in my ass. My nipples ache, my pussy is still aching in need.

“Wow, Steven, you really do know how to tie up sassy. I like the red hue to her ass. Will you allow me flog her today?”

“Thank you John. I do rather like how her ass responds to the paddle and the flogger. You should see her pussy and her nipples. You will flog her today, that is why she is on the cross and blindfolded.”

Oh, John has never once flogged or fucked me. He has watched and done a few little things, never been what I would call an active participant. I am more of a 1 one 1 submissive, not multiple Doms.

He has this! I trust Sir.

John walks up and I smell his aftershave, very clean and fresh as compared to the deeply masculine musk that Sir wears. He is in front of me and pulls on my nipple chain, a full moan escapes me. His hand slips in my pussy and I clench down so hard trying to prevent my orgasm. John quietly says, “Good girl.”

All I can do is moan, I am not supposed to speak. I hear Sir say from behind me “sassy is not allowed to talk while on the cross.”

John asks, “why not just put a ball gag in her?”

Sir replies, “That is a boundary she has and I respect that.”

“That can be a good thing, her cum is all over my hand, this means she can suck my hand clean. Sassy is a good little sucker.”

I want to beam with pride that he likes my sucking abilities. However, in my current situation of being tied up, that would be challenging to do. As I arch my back a bit the plug is tugged again. I just need a good fucking, so badly. I long to be on all fours and being fucked hard.

John puts his hand in my mouth and says suck it clean. I do so eagerly. Cum is positively pouring out of me at this point. My orgasm is barely contained.

“Steven, may I flog her now?”

“John I will flog her a few times, you will watch as I talk you though it.”

I take a deep breath. He has this.

The first strands strike my ass. Sir is talking, I hear him. I do not hear the words though. John’s voice is in there too. I can hear him asking questions. I am solely focused on the flogger. There are a few strands that I hear make contact with cum on my leg. Such a different sound than on my dry ass.

The next impact is on the small of my back and it is hard, too hard. This could not have been Sir. I feel Sir next to me the next moment. He is whispering in my ear. “Are you okay, do you need a break?”

I mutter, “I am okay.” There is a blinding light, my blindfold has been removed. I have to blink like a frog until focus is regained. Sir is looking at me with his deep emerald eyes filled with concern. “sassy, are you okay, do we continue?”

I know he is checking to make sure that I am not pushing too hard. “Yes Sir, I am okay. Please continue.” He continues to look into my eyes, I smile and he knows that all is okay, perhaps tender but okay. He walks away with my blindfold in hand.

This makes me very nervous, I am braver with it on. Perhaps not braver, just able to focus my thoughts and actions far more effectively. I am fidgeting side to side. Yes the plug is moving too. I want the blindfold back.

“Sassy, do you want the blindfold back on?” Sir asks me.

“Yes please Sir, very much.” Even I hear the need in my voice.

Sir is putting it back on me and kisses my cheek. I smile as his face slide behind the blindfold. That smile has been melting my knees since the first time I met him at Starbucks. I hear Sir chastise John. I feel the riding crop hitting the back of my legs. There is such a clear rhythm to this it has to be Sir showing John.

There is a pause and when the slaps continue there is hesitation. John has taken over. Sir must have really had words with John and faltered his confidence a bit. I have never known Sir to be so hesitant in his moves.

I hear John ask “how long has she had the plug in?”

Sir responds with “She has had it in for a few hours. It’s fine in there for a bit longer. Do you wish to fuck her ass John?”

In my mind I am screaming to myself, he has this. He has this. This makes me nervous. I do not want to be shared, I belong to Sir, no one else. I realize that John is in training and I agreed to help out in private conversations with Sir. I also expressed my concern and nerves about being shared.

John responds with, “Steven, you know how I respect you and your relationship with sassy. If that would be in the bounds of what you are both comfortable with, yes I would very much.”

I appreciated the respectful manner in which he responded. This is a soft boundary for me, if someone other than Sir is to have his way with me, then my request is that Sir be present and maintain eye contact with me until my nerves are quelled.

“John, show me your determination to have her ass, then you might be able to have her.” I know he is working with John keep his confidence high and unwavering.

I slip further into my zone. I feel the crop at a more regular cadence. The flogger and a paddle seem to be alternating. My ass is starting to teeter on too sore. I hear a noise and I cannot place the noise. Then I hear a hum. Oh no the wand!

Sir is in front of me and the wand is moving over my nipples, then down my abdomen. It goes straight down to my legs, my pussy is craving attention. What I wouldn’t give for 30 seconds of that wand on my pussy specifically my clit right now. My clit is throbbing and needs a great deal of attention as well. I feel the want humming along the inside of my thigh.

FINALLY! The wand makes contact with my pussy. Oh my, this feels so very good. I am not sure if I can hold my orgasm any further. All of the sudden the wand is removed, the flogging stops. Sir has stepped away.

“Cum now sassy.” Sir commands.

I do. The orgasm rolls through me in waves. Each wave harder than the last. The plug in my ass is clenched in. The more I orgasm the harder it becomes. It will not stop. I do not want it to stop. This is a breakthrough orgasm for me. I have never been able to fully orgasm with John in the room and I have never been able to orgasm without continued contact.

I feel Sir’s warmth and he begins to kiss me and somehow my orgasm becomes more intense. He pulls on my nipple clamps and I moan into his kiss and my orgasm ratchets up again! How is this possible? Sir’s kisses will do that to me tho.

I want to make Sir even happier.

My orgasm starts to wane a bit. Sir begins to kiss me and removes the left nipple clamp, I moan deeply while my orgasm is back full force.

John is running ice on my ass. I am totally focused on Sir, he is my priority.
—    —     —-

This is as far as I have gotten with this particular fantasy.

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