Hear Ye Hear Ye Oh Judgmental People of the land

So I was confronted last night face to face with a very judgmental person who decided she wanted to verbally assault me for my chosen life and with whom I chose to share my time.  At first I must say it hurt, deeply and painfully.  Today in the light of day, it still hurts.  Today in the light of day I also realize what gift it was too.  I have always struggled with fighting for acceptance of who I am from myself and others.  This episode last night solidified that I am okay with myself, I am not the pariah I was made out to be, it was her expressing her own frustrations with life and the choices she has made.

It still hurts, the sting is lessened because I have learned from the experience.  I hope someday she has a chance to reflect and learn as well.

I encourage all of us to consider the fact that no one knows what is going in another person’s life truly, so please do not judge based on shreds of observations and not even having a meaningful conversation with the people involved.  Please be compassionate and respect each other, we are designed to do so, just embrace it!

Thank you,


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