Value each other

Ya know there is a difference between being a sexual submissive and a doormat.  I am only that way in location and it is my choice to submit, it also means I am a person with thoughts and feelings that have value. 

I work in a male dominated industry and therefore I am always viewed as someone of lesser value because I simply have boobs.  Why should my thoughts have less value just because I am a woman?  I do not think they have more value; they are and should be equally weighted as my male counterparts.  You might be surprised how well organized my thoughts actually are.  I bring value, I bring perspective, and I bring creative solutions.

I speak my mind and I am labeled a bitch or hard to work with.  If I show the slightest bit of emotion or express an emotion I am dismissed or it is trivialized.  Males can state their minds and they revered and honest and forthright.  If a male expresses emotion they are deemed sensitive and compassionate. This is downright misogyny at its finest.

Even the most well intentioned people can be dismissive of another, even those they care about. We all reach the breaking point.  I did yesterday.  Today it still hurts, I wish like no other that it did not still hurt, it was not intentional and I know that.  Sometimes the unintentional slip shows what is beneath, and that my friend was shocking.


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