What does submission mean?

What does it mean for me to give you my submission? This is a question that been weighing heavily on my mind lately. So I decided to put into words what have been in my heart and mind.

My submission means:

  • Implicit and unwavering trust.
  • Love that is more than just a romantic love, it is deeper and more powerfully felt
  • The level of respect surpasses anything ever imagined.
  • Given certain situations I may not obey on command, part of who I am as a person is one who has to push boundaries it does not mean I value or respect you less, actually that is one of many ways I show how much I do value and respect you.
  • Being able to make you smile or happy or to help you find joy even in the mundane aspects of life is my true joy and pleasure.
  • Hearing how proud you are of something I did to help or how well I did comply are the sweetest words and touch me to the very core of who I am.
  • My submission is my unwavering gift to you.
  • No matter what happens, no matter how much of a goof, a dork nor stressed out professional I am, you are a top priority.

When I submit to you on a daily basis, or wear your collar with pride this is what my submission means from my perspective.

What does your submission mean to you?

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