Learning Journey

My learning journey has been fraught with challenges, like all of us.  I am finding as I have gone past the 40th birthday my learning has accelerated.  I am now learning how to accept myself and be proud of myself for things I have accomplished and things I have been brave enough to try.  There is truth in the saying sexy is an attitude, it’s not just lip service (no pun intended). Here are a few things I have learned recently:

Compassion is in short supply in our world and we need more people to demonstrate each day compassion, not just seasonally.

Love comes in many forms, all are beautiful.

Strong is not just physical strength, it is more critical to be strong of character and spirit. 

Everyone has beauty, some people hide it or bury it beneath hurt and anger.  It is still there.

We are truly our own worst critic.  If we (myself included) claim to be compassionate towards others, then honestly we need to start with ourselves.  It starts a cycle that enables us to give more and more to others.

Truly if you are brave enough to try something new then you will learn something new and exciting about yourself.  As an example, I tried Karaoke for the first I sang in front of people since I was in 3rd grade.  Nervous and anxious DO NOT even begin to cover what a mess I was trying it. I learned I love music way more than previously thought, and it was high up there.   To my Dom for this and so many other reasons I am grateful.

It is amazing how little comments from well-intended people (friends, parents, family, teachers and co-workers) shape our image of ourselves without us even realizing it. Example, we (I include myself here as a parent) teach our children how to dress properly for their body or the situation.  I have heard on several occasions well that style is not meant for a girl of your size.  That has been said so many times I have internalized it to think I am only qualified to wear army tents not dresses that are popular or tops that are more fashionable.  That ended about 2 months ago.  I am very happy to say I no longer wear army tents, I am curvy and not as ashamed as a few months ago!

So I guess I am saying we all need to be kinder and more compassionate to ourselves, honor and respect ourselves.  Once we get that everything else will fall into place.  It’s not an overnight thing, it’s a process so be patient with yourself.  This is also a reminder to myself. 

One last thing, please always remember the Special Olympic Creed: “Let me win, but if I cannot win, let me be brave in my attempt”

Have a wonderful end of the year all, and lets all start the New Year with a new and compassionate attitude. 


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