Tragic Love Stories


As an author I enjoy writing and reading tragic love stories.  These stories have a great tension that keeps one compelled to keep reading.  Also, you know that at the conclusion of the book or story will be reasonably happy ending meaning the two lovers find each other.

Tragic love stories in real life are very different, there are no guarantees in life and in a tragic story there is even less.  Tragic love can take many forms.  There are unrequited love stories that are tragic when one person loves another and it is not returned.  Another is when due to life circumstances the two cannot be together.

These are times that try the heart and mind.  While the notion of love conquering all is noble and romantic, cruel reality is that it does not.

There are times when in the midst of these love stories you cannot see straight and all you want is that other person yet cannot have them for whatever the reason.  If you know someone who is in a tragic love story, please be kind and gentle.

Do not judge, the heart can compel people to pursue that one person.


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