Feminism ….


If you look up the word Feminism in the dictonary it states “A movement for granting women political, social, and economic equality with men.”

If you look it up in the Urban Dictonary “The belief that women are and should be treated as potential intellectual equals and social equals to men.”

In the United State we are founded on the ideals that we are all created equal, yet even our founding fathers stated that only men are created equal.  Could that have meant all HUmans are created equal?  (Sidebar comment here – there is a book which is AMAZING – Founding Mothers by Cokie Robers, a MUST read for every American).

What annoys me about the urban dictionary is that this site is such a refelection of what we see in the day to day culture we live in.  If women are viewed only to have potential rather the fundamental beleif we are equal then where does that leave us?

Questions that roll around in my mind and heart are:
Why are woment still paid so much less?
Why are we so under represented in the C-Suite?
What can I do to change this?
What do I tell my daughter about this situation?

This last question is on my heart so much as my daughter reaches an age of awareness in the world.  How do I tell her well dear you need to be comfortable with doing the same job as your male counterparts, just paid less. 

If we are to make the world a better place for our children, which it is my undertanding we are to do as a parent, then how do we as parents make this right for our children?  It would be a tremendous acheivement to have our grandchildren study this thing called feminism and go, wow that is ancient history and glad we do not live like that any more.

I choose to believe that regardless of race, gender, what you do or do jot do in the bedroom, creed or whatever we are all people and it is worth our time to sit and listen to each other.  Various viewpoints always raise the bar on the conversation.  When we listen and judge the other person based on some biological trait we all gain in that exchange.

Maybe what I want to say is please listen to people around you, even if you disagree there is value in the conversation.  Sometime the value is to understand what you truly stand for, sometimes it is affirmation of what you already beleive.  Take the time and spend the energy to have a dialogue.

I know that we all can do this! 

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