sassy’s reward



“sassy, what is your favorite reward?”  Sir asks with all sincerity.  My mind wanders instantly to my very favorite reward of all, sucking him.

The first image that crosses my mind is being on my knees in front of him and my hands bound.  I look up at him and feel myself already anticipating what I will get to do, knowing I cannot start until he says so.  The anticipation is so great, knowing what’s to come.  His knowing smile, the glint in his eyes and my returning hungry gaze all compile into this air of seductive anticipation that makes me quake on the inside.  I feel the restraint of my hands, the floor beneath my knees, my nipples hardening in the seductive air.  He steps forward and I smile more broadly and he places himself in my open and greedy mouth.

I begin with a slow lean in and draw him in to a comfortable depth and pull back.  Playing with the tip just a bit with my tongue and I hear him take a deep breath.  This is all the encouragement I need!  I begin to move faster.  I look up at Sir and I see his eyes are closed which usually means he is working on his self-control.  So I take that as my cue to slow down and show a bit of self-control myself.

As I slow down I close my eyes to focus more intently.  I notice how rigid he is becoming, the intense pride I feel at knowing I can arouse him in such a way is the greatest gift and reward I can begin to imagine.  It is these little re-assurances that tell me I am doing something makes him happy or satisfied that ignite the fire already there for this man.

I take him in deeper and deeper until I am pushing my gag reflex, taking a deep breath I push past it.  I hear him moan, which triggers my moan.  I am getting wetter by the moment.  My orgasm is building.  He puts his hand on the back of my head and that is it, my orgasm starts to roll through me.  As he takes control of the pace my orgasm continues.

As he holds me in place and is deep inside me I am cumming hard, there’s no stopping it.  He holds me there for a moment to let it wane a bit.  Then he starts to move again and all I can do is moan and submit to the pace he is setting.  His breathing is increasing and he is getting warmer, he is very close.

I moan again as he holds me in place and cums long and hard.  As he withdraws I look up as I swallow I see his eyes glittering.


The next image that flies into my consciousness is laying on the bed with my head off just a bit and Sir is standing over me with that wicked smile.  As I lay there spread eagle on the bed already semi spent from our afternoon’s fun.  He steps closer as his penis dances before me I realize I want more, even after all that we have done this afternoon.

Evidently I need to work on hiding my need a bit because he says “sassy, you want more already?”

What can I say but the truth, “Yes Sir, I can never get enough of you!”

He steps closer and I instinctively open my mouth hoping for more.  He places himself inside me.  At this angle it requires a bit more concentration on my form and pacing of my enthusiasm.  I begin slowly like he prefers and keep a slow and steady pace.

In this position I can take him deeper sooner.  So I go for it and he moans quickly.  As I increase the pace taking him in deeper and deeper, playing with the tip just a bit on each withdraw his legs are starting to quiver in excitement.  I know he is trying to keep some self-control as well.  I slowdown in an effort to go longer.

He takes a long deep breath and gently holds my head by placing his hands on each side of my face.  His touch is so gentle and yet firm.  He is now setting the pace.  It is relentless pace the send my barely contained orgasm into over drive.  I am cuming hard and he is continuing to slide in and out deeper and deeper.  I am moaning with a mouth full of cock.

The sound must reverberate through him as he moans and explodes in my mouth.  He takes a steadying breath and withdraws.


In the end I simply answer “Sir my favorite reward is you in my mouth.”  He smiles and escorts me to the bedroom.

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