Tasks Day 1


Sir and I are one of those couples that live the lifestyle when we can. Let’s just say timing has NOT been on our side lately.

Sir and I have had a long spell of not having ‘play time’ and due to life, tasks have not been a priority. As we both have a great deal of work and life stressors happening it is more than understandable. Life happens. Today that all changed! Tasks are back! YEA!! As you can tell I am so very excited to see if I can live up to expectations.

I always worry that I am not enough, it is a constant dialogue in my mind. I know that I am not in his league he is way beyond mine. I also know that I can make him happy, just not enough it feels. When he gives me a task it is affirmation of our bond, thus why tasks are so important to me. Then I can get feedback and do other things to make him happy or even bring a smile to his face.

Tonight’s tasks were small yet so very important. Tomorrow has me a bit apprehensive, yet I am totally IN!

More journaling tomorrow.


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