Tasks Day 2

imagesToday’s tasks were infinitely more challenging.  As I was working from home I was to wear no panties and a butt plug all day and spend time in self-bondage of handcuffs for at least an hour.   These seem simple enough and previously I agree I would be able to comply with ease.  It’s been a while since we have had ‘play time’ so this did present a challenge.  One I could achieve, still a challenge.

I had forgotten how wanton and the perpetual state of arousal it is to not wear underwear all day!  When Sir walked into my place tonight I was immediately in his arms kissing him, and had I not been finishing a work call I would have been undressing him at the door.   So finishing my call while he was here was challenging, to say the least.

I have never worn a butt plug more than an hour maybe 2 before.  So this was the longest I have ever gone wearing one.  It was the smaller one that I own.  Still represented a significant challenge.  Did have to take break, only 45 minutes and even with that break I still had it in for almost 9 hours.

Tonight’s play time was beyond intense, in the most delicious way! I was stretched and spanked to the limits!  Had a new type or level of orgasm that was utterly breathtaking!  My ass is still tender, and its fantastic!  I am confident that the intensity was result of the build up all day.  I could barely keep my hands off him when he walked in, honestly.

I ended up using my safe word, this is only the second time I have ever used it.  I still feel off balance having used it.  Safe words are there for a reason, I know, its why we have one established.  We sat after and talked for a long time, which was helpful.  More helpful than talking was just laying there with Sir.

It is not something one uses lightly nor frequently.  There is a bundle of emotion that is associated with using it, for me.  I am struggling to process through it.  To all the other subs out there, how do you deal with the emotions after using your safe word?

I hope beyond hope that I do get more tasks for tomorrow! I am so thankful to have Sir in my life and that he has the patience of a saint!


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