Swapping Dinner Partners

FLME92NH4VQKHP9.LARGESir and I have been planning a dinner get together with Mason and Susanna, or Suzie as we call her, for a few weeks.  I was making my signature chicken piccata with yummy lemon sauce that has capers in it. Their arrival is getting close and I go to change.

“sassy please wear your red heels and a dress with no panties.” Sir tells me.

“Yes Sir” I say in stunned tones, as the red heels is usually a signal of play time, not dinner guests. I get dressed in a short black dress and no panties of course.  This dress goes nicely with the red heels.  Plus, my collar is red so it all matches.  As Mason and Suzie are friends of ours from our local BDSM Club.  Suzie is a fellow sub and we are great friends!

I walk out to the dining room and Sir is setting the table with our more formal dinner wear.  So this has me confused as does the fact I am wearing heels and a dress when normally I am barefoot.  This has me off guard and not on my game at all.  Totally out of my headspace on this one!

Sir likes to get me out of my headspace usually when he’s about to push my boundaries.  This has me on high alert for a few reasons.  One I am not into exhibitionism, and with the red heels and no panties on with our friends coming over I am not sure where this is going. I need to get out of my head space and just trust him that he has this, like always.

As I am about to pull the bread out of the oven Mason and Suzie arrive.  “Welcome you guys!” I say with excitement blended with nerves.  Suzie and I hug, Sir and Mason shake hands.  Mason hugs me and Suzie and Sir hug as well.

I note that Suzie is a bit on edge as well.  We know each other well, I am not honestly sure if I am sensing her being off balanced or if I am projecting my off balance.

Dinner conversation is flowing freely and friendly; I begin to relax and then it’s time for dinner.  “Suzie, are Sir and Mason up to something?”  I ask.

“I have no idea; it sure seems like they are” Suzie responds.   We giggle as we are both nervous and off balance.  It’s our way of supporting each other.

We go back into the dining room and set out dessert, a lovely Tiramisu, my personal favorite. As we eat Suzie and I exchange looks as the environment subtly shifts.

“Suzie and sassy, tonight Mason and I have a boundary we will be pushing for both of you.”  I sit in utter shock as Sir says these words. All manner of things run through my mind, and none of them are palatable.  Suzie and I exchange now panicked looks at each other.

“Which boundaries are you referring to Mason and Sir?” Suzie is the first to crack.

“Suzanna we are going to swap partners for the evening.” Mason says while looking deep into Suzanna’s eyes.

I drop my fork and stare open mouthed at Sir.  “Do you have a question sassy?”

Thinking to myself, well hell yes I do!  Somehow I manage to say in the politest tone I can muster “Yes Sir I have lots of questions!”

“What are they sassy?”  I glance at Suzie and I see her nodding me forward to ask what the heck they are planning.

“uhhh hummm Sir, then who will be with whom and are we all going to be in the same room?”

“Well that is a great first question.  Suzanna, do you have the same question?”  Mason asks. She shakes her head fervently.

“We thought it might be easier to be 1-1 so we thought it would be separate rooms at first then possibly join each other after we are respectively comfortable with the change in partners.”  Sir states simply.

I am shuddering inwardly.  Sir is all that I want and the only person I want to be intimate with and certainly the only person I want to expose myself too.  There is a curious side of me that does wonder about what it would be like, it’s an abstract thought tho not something I ever even remotely considered acting upon. Then panic seizes me like a vice!  Wait who is going to be with whom?

“Sir” I stammer “who will I be with then?”  As much as I adore Suzie, I have zero desire to be with her or any other woman.  I glance at Suzie as we have talked and we are of the same opinion.

Laughing Mason says “sassy you will be with me and Suzanna will be with your Sir.”

Well that is something I guess.   I shrug, whole heartily not thrilled with this.  Glancing at Suzie neither is she.  I look at Sir hoping this is a joke, yet knowing somehow it is not.

“sassy, you will be fine.  This is a boundary yes that we are going to push.  I promise to explain more later.  Right now I am asking you to trust me and roll with this, like I know you can do.” Sir says as he kisses my left hand and the ring he gave me.

“Okay Sir” my voice trembles giving away my nerves.  I look up and see that Suzie and Mason are having a quiet conversation.

I want to know why now, not later.  I wonder if I could stall?  “I will clean up the kitchen just a bit first.”  I say to Sir

“No, the dishes will keep.  Plus, if you stall you will get lost in your head.  We need to act and you can process later.”  So busted!

“Yes Sir” and without thinking I launch myself at him hugging and kissing him.  He pours so much passion into our kiss as do I.

I look up at Mason who is smiling at me.  I give him a shy smile not knowing what I should be doing, saying, thinking or feeling.  Suzie is looking at Sir with the same expression as I have, we are mirror images of each other right now.  Suzie is far braver than I so I have no doubt that she will be fine and have a grand time.  Well I always have a grand time with Sir!

I walk over to Mason and Suzie walks to Sir.  Mason hugs me and kisses my neck, then grasps my hand and leads me to the guest room.  My eyes are riveted on Mason trying to gauge what will happen next.  I do not see neither Suzie nor Sir leave the room.  My pulse is skyrocketing.

We get to the guest room and Mason pulls me into a hug while kissing my neck along my pulse.  It is driving me insane, it’s all so new and different.  I want my Sir and not this guy.  I know there is a boundary to be pushed, wish I knew which one!

I am barely hugging back, not sure what I should be doing, feeling, thinking nor saying.  It is this moment I remember I have no panties!  Mason is a fellow Dom like Sir, but still this is my backside exposed to someone else.

“sassy, it is okay to hug back” Mason gently states.

“Yes of course” I stammer, and try to embrace the moment both physically and emotionally.

Mason’s hands slide under the hem of my dress and feel my exposed ass.  Part of me is excited, part is confused and part is a nervous ball of energy.  I hug him tighter hoping to buy a moment or two of time to gather my wits.  I was already charged not having my panties on and in my heels next to Sir, that always happens, and was damp through most of dinner anticipating play time with Sir.  Now here I am with Mason.  Oh what to do!

He then moves to kiss me on the mouth and I hesitate at first.  I am just not sure what to do.  Sir’s thoughts come back to me to just roll with it.  So I lean up and actually kiss back.  I feel him smile and his hands moving on my ass.

He gives them a gentle squeeze and it feels nice.  I begin to relax and the kissing intensifies.  Mason pulls back and starts taking off his shirt, he is very fit and unapologetically I look him.  He begins to undo his pants and I turn scarlet and begin to turn away.  He comes over and hugs me again, “sassy, it is okay to look and touch.  I plan to do much more with you.”

He kisses me again and I cannot bring myself to kiss back.  He is a fine kisser, do not misunderstand.  I am not sure if I can get out of my head.   All I can think about is that I am with some guy, okay I know him and know him fairly well, and Sir is with Suzie.  I just cannot do this.

“Mason, you are a dear friend and Suzie is one of my best friends especially one who is in the lifestyle.  I cannot do this, I do not know what boundary I was to push or what I am supposed to learn and whatever.  I cannot do this.  Frankly I am not comfortable with Sir being with Suzie either!”  I had not noticed but I was holding my breath and almost shouting.

He smiles, puts on his shirt and gives me a quick hug and chaste kiss on the cheek.  “sassy, I truly understand.  It is fine and no problem.”

I sag with sweet relief!  I take a moment to collect my thought and calm my racing heart before leaving the guest room.  As I am still fully dressed I exit the room.  Now I need to go get MY Sir!  Yes, the green monster of jealousy is running rampant right now.

As I turn to exit the room I run straight into Sir.  I pin him to the wall kissing and hugging him.  I pour every single ounce of passion, need and love into that kiss.  He is doing the same.  We are all hands and kissing and heavy breathing.  The outside world evaporates and it is just he and I in a cloud of passion and desire.  I never knew my passion could be more amplified that it always has been, guess I was wrong.

We break apart for a needed breath, we are both panting.  “Everything okay sassy?”  he asks.

I smile back at him “It is now.”

“I heard you shouting, are you sure you are okay?” Concern is evident in his tone and expression

“Yes, I was overcome with frustration, fear and jealousy Sir.  You are mine and I am all yours, no one else!”  I am still breathing heavy as I say this.

“sassy, you are all mine and I am all yours.  You have nothing to worry about and nothing to be jealous of.  Suzanna and I did nothing more than exchange a kiss.”

“Then Sir, what was the boundary you wanted to push?  I am so confused!”

“sassy, we have always had a non-traditional relationship.  Sometimes it is good to see if there is anything that I should be doing or offering that I am not already.  This was a way to give you experiences with someone else who is trusted and may offer other fun activities. That was the boundary, to let your hair down and feel something different with someone different.”

“Am I boring you Sir?” I shudder inwards not sure if I want to know the answer.

“Heavens no sassy!”

“Sir, if it is okay with you, I want you and only you.”

He wraps me in his arms and kisses me and whispers “Always”

After Mason and Suzie say their goodbyes we head to bed and lay together chatting.  This is what I adore so much, laying with him, touching him, kissing him, just being with him the two of us and the outside world just that, outside. I want to lay here with Sir forever.

I know Sir pushes my boundaries out of love, I take those pushes as such, even when it is the hard to maintain control and composure.  I do this to make him happy, out of the same love and adoration.

I sigh put my head on his chest and listen to the slow rhythm of his breathing.  I relax into him and as I sigh again, he looks down at me “sassy, what is rolling around in your head?”

“Oh I was just thinking how I want to lay like this forever with you Sir.”

I snuggle into him even more and he kisses my hair and says “me to my sassy.”



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