Feminism the new F-Bomb


According to Miriam Webster Feminism is: the theory of the political, economic, and social equality of the sexes; organized activity on behalf of women’s rights and interests.  That sounds idealistic in light of what most media outlets seem to portray as modern day feminism.  In much of the current press and even in day to day conversations feminism has become quite synonymous with female superiority or radical behavior.

Feminism has seen many waves or surges in activity starting with the right to vote.  It was a legal battle to gain the right to vote!  In America the right to vote was originally only for the white elder statesmen who wrote the constitution and those like themselves.  They never dreamed of treating their wives or people different than themselves with equality and compassion.

The most recent wave or surge has been primarily focused on sexual harassment and the increased awareness of rape culture.  In the hopes that everyone is able to share a safe workplace free of harassment and the removal of the fear of being singled out just because you happen to born female.

Alongside each of these waves or surges there are those who will radicalize, like with any social movement.  Radicals happen in each and every movement, regardless of how altruistic your intentions are. Radicalization happened in the adoption of Christianity – hello crusades!

There are also alongside these surges those will maintain a viewpoint of any encroachment on their space is seen as an unjust attack on them personally.  This is a logical reaction in all honesty.  In an effort to have equal access and equal rights that means that if you have a larger piece of the pie to make things more equitable you need to give up some of your pie.

In the end feminism’s true goal is to have equal rights and access to opportunities regardless of your gender.  If you are a woman and want to be a CEO, the president or a home maker – GO FOR IT!  If you are a man and want to be a CEO, the president or home maker – GO FOR IT!

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