We are more alike than different

I had coffee with a dear friend yesterday and during our conversation I was struck by the fact that we all have self confidence issues.  He is a strong and amazing man with a generous spirit.  It was a humbling reminder that we all have these issues not just women.  To all the amazing men out there, you are respected and valued.  To all the amazing women out there, you are respected and valued.


Keep on rocking!

The most exciting thing just happened …

I just finished writing my very first book!  All that is left is final formatting and cover art to do!!  Oh my word, there is no way a year ago this was even a dream or possibility.

It is almost a giddy feeling I have, have never done anything like this and it has been such a wonderful journey!

I owe the inspiration to my Sir.  He has been such a constant source of stability, compassion and inspiration.


Hear Ye Hear Ye Oh Judgmental People of the land

So I was confronted last night face to face with a very judgmental person who decided she wanted to verbally assault me for my chosen life and with whom I chose to share my time.  At first I must say it hurt, deeply and painfully.  Today in the light of day, it still hurts.  Today in the light of day I also realize what gift it was too.  I have always struggled with fighting for acceptance of who I am from myself and others.  This episode last night solidified that I am okay with myself, I am not the pariah I was made out to be, it was her expressing her own frustrations with life and the choices she has made.

It still hurts, the sting is lessened because I have learned from the experience.  I hope someday she has a chance to reflect and learn as well.

I encourage all of us to consider the fact that no one knows what is going in another person’s life truly, so please do not judge based on shreds of observations and not even having a meaningful conversation with the people involved.  Please be compassionate and respect each other, we are designed to do so, just embrace it!

Thank you,



Sir and I were laying in bed chatting about our respective days and how busy they were. Sir was telling me that he was going to work from home the next day. This is a special treat since I was already taking the day off. Interesting that he should chose to take the day to work from home as he was in the practice of always going into the office.

“Sir, why are you choosing to work from home tomorrow?”

“Well my sassy, I have only a few conference calls, a very light day and would like some additional time with you.”

I beam up at him and I am filled with adoration and pride. Curling in close to him I feel his warmth and the mixture of his soap and aftershave giving him that deeply masculine scent that has always filled me with a combination of warm adoration and intense deep sexual desire. Running my hands over his bare chest his chest hair tickles my hands and smile into his smile, I hear him sigh with contentment and compassion. His hands are roaming over my bare backside, he has this thing for my ass. I breath him in and fall quickly to sleep.

In the morning everything seems to proceed as a normal morning except for the fact that I am not getting dressed for work and Sir has gone to his study to work from home after his breakfast. I hear Sir call for me, so I quickly go to his study.

“sassy, are you done with the kitchen clean up?”

“No Sir, I am still finishing up.” I answer quickly and am nervous that I did not do something quickly enough. I start fidgeting with my hands.

“sassy, you are not in trouble, just relax. When you are done take a moment to relax and then come in when you are ready.”

I leave quickly and finish cleaning up the kitchen. I take a few minutes and freshen up a bit. I am certain that Sir wants to use my body in some fashion. I know he said to relax for a few minutes, I am so excited that I do not relax for very long.

As I walk in I hear him on the phone and sounds as tho he will be wrapping up. I silently walk in and look at him for where he wants me to stand. He points to the area right next to him. As I walk over I see the St. Andrews Cross has been moved into his study. Hummmmm interesting.

I stand legs shoulder width apart, hands at the small of my back. I know I am already wet, its so darn hard to control being wet around Sir. I am always hungry and in desperate need of his touch.

As he is talking on the phone he puts a finger on my pussy to see if I am wet and needy. I do not disappoint him. He keeps talking as he plays with my pussy. I remain stock still and my cum is running down my legs and making a wet spot on carpet.

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Hot Days … Hot Thoughts

So as I sit here thankful for the functioning A/C given the 100+ degrees outside I am pondering ways of staying cool.  I am reminded of a walk in the woods I took with Sir where we shared our true first D/s moment.  It was January and I was in a skirt and heels with a red silk blouse.  It was cold and there was snow on the ground, which Sir used to his advantage to cool off some handcuffs for me, and his hands!  As cold as it was that day, it was hot in those woods!