Swapping Dinner Partners

FLME92NH4VQKHP9.LARGESir and I have been planning a dinner get together with Mason and Susanna, or Suzie as we call her, for a few weeks.  I was making my signature chicken piccata with yummy lemon sauce that has capers in it. Their arrival is getting close and I go to change.

“sassy please wear your red heels and a dress with no panties.” Sir tells me.

“Yes Sir” I say in stunned tones, as the red heels is usually a signal of play time, not dinner guests. I get dressed in a short black dress and no panties of course.  This dress goes nicely with the red heels.  Plus, my collar is red so it all matches.  As Mason and Suzie are friends of ours from our local BDSM Club.  Suzie is a fellow sub and we are great friends!

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Tasks Day 2

imagesToday’s tasks were infinitely more challenging.  As I was working from home I was to wear no panties and a butt plug all day and spend time in self-bondage of handcuffs for at least an hour.   These seem simple enough and previously I agree I would be able to comply with ease.  It’s been a while since we have had ‘play time’ so this did present a challenge.  One I could achieve, still a challenge.

I had forgotten how wanton and the perpetual state of arousal it is to not wear underwear all day!  When Sir walked into my place tonight I was immediately in his arms kissing him, and had I not been finishing a work call I would have been undressing him at the door.   So finishing my call while he was here was challenging, to say the least.

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Tasks Day 1


Sir and I are one of those couples that live the lifestyle when we can. Let’s just say timing has NOT been on our side lately.

Sir and I have had a long spell of not having ‘play time’ and due to life, tasks have not been a priority. As we both have a great deal of work and life stressors happening it is more than understandable. Life happens. Today that all changed! Tasks are back! YEA!! As you can tell I am so very excited to see if I can live up to expectations.

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The Unique Blogger Award

This is a fun challenge and way to help out our fellow bloggers!  Thank you to Aranab for nominating me for this award!

To answer Aranab’s questions:

  1. What are you working on right now?
    • New story line that has been lingering in my mind for a while.
  2. What is your end goal with blogging?
    • To enjoy the journey!
  3. What is the best advice you have ever received?
    • Write each day, no matter if it makes sense or not, just write!

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sassy’s reward



“sassy, what is your favorite reward?”  Sir asks with all sincerity.  My mind wanders instantly to my very favorite reward of all, sucking him.

The first image that crosses my mind is being on my knees in front of him and my hands bound.  I look up at him and feel myself already anticipating what I will get to do, knowing I cannot start until he says so.  The anticipation is so great, knowing what’s to come.  His knowing smile, the glint in his eyes and my returning hungry gaze all compile into this air of seductive anticipation that makes me quake on the inside.  I feel the restraint of my hands, the floor beneath my knees, my nipples hardening in the seductive air.  He steps forward and I smile more broadly and he places himself in my open and greedy mouth.

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Writer Block

I have had an idea for a new writing for  days, I mean seriously days, perhaps a week!  I finally have time to write and sit down write a few pages and I do write.  Then I re-read the pages and it’s garbage!  I kinda want to tear up the pages however since I have typed them all I can do is delete and start over.


Kinky Trip, Part 3


I give Dave a halfhearted hug as I am naked for heaven’s sake! Dave is very tall and very well built, like someone who works out for hours a day.  He has always been very intimidating to me simply because of his stature is so imposing looking.  Sir he is well built and dark haired that has begun to turn a bit grey, so very sexy!  He has these very expressive steel blue eyes.  Dave is more South Beach type of look.

As Dave chuckles and releases the hug I quickly get to Sir’s side making every attempt to hide myself from Dave’s eyes, yes I realize that there is NO hiding in clear blue pool water.  Plus, there is a side of me that is so utterly turned on right and it is contrary to what my mind is screaming to me. If I were to be listening to my mind I would be in Army tent with heavy glasses.

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Kinky Trip, Day 2


The next morning, we woke up intertwined with each other.  His arms firmly wrapped around me, the absolute most safe, secure and welcoming place on earth.  This is my favorite way to wake up.  I stir and as I roll over I see his grey eyes scanning over me.  He is watching me ensuring that I am safe as always.  As I stretch I move closer to him and reach up for a kiss.  He chuckles a bit.

“sassy you are insatiable as ever!”

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Kinky Trip, FINALLY


Sir and I had always shared a fantasy get away to somewhere tropical where cell phones do not work and minimal WiFi. This shared fantasy started shortly after we first met. One of Sir’s favorite things is to push my boundaries which is one of the many reasons I adore him and that we are together.  We finally book our dream vacation to the Caribbean and I was instructed that I did not need to pack much in the way of clothing.

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Sir and I were laying in bed chatting about our respective days and how busy they were. Sir was telling me that he was going to work from home the next day. This is a special treat since I was already taking the day off. Interesting that he should chose to take the day to work from home as he was in the practice of always going into the office.

“Sir, why are you choosing to work from home tomorrow?”

“Well my sassy, I have only a few conference calls, a very light day and would like some additional time with you.”

I beam up at him and I am filled with adoration and pride. Curling in close to him I feel his warmth and the mixture of his soap and aftershave giving him that deeply masculine scent that has always filled me with a combination of warm adoration and intense deep sexual desire. Running my hands over his bare chest his chest hair tickles my hands and smile into his smile, I hear him sigh with contentment and compassion. His hands are roaming over my bare backside, he has this thing for my ass. I breath him in and fall quickly to sleep.

In the morning everything seems to proceed as a normal morning except for the fact that I am not getting dressed for work and Sir has gone to his study to work from home after his breakfast. I hear Sir call for me, so I quickly go to his study.

“sassy, are you done with the kitchen clean up?”

“No Sir, I am still finishing up.” I answer quickly and am nervous that I did not do something quickly enough. I start fidgeting with my hands.

“sassy, you are not in trouble, just relax. When you are done take a moment to relax and then come in when you are ready.”

I leave quickly and finish cleaning up the kitchen. I take a few minutes and freshen up a bit. I am certain that Sir wants to use my body in some fashion. I know he said to relax for a few minutes, I am so excited that I do not relax for very long.

As I walk in I hear him on the phone and sounds as tho he will be wrapping up. I silently walk in and look at him for where he wants me to stand. He points to the area right next to him. As I walk over I see the St. Andrews Cross has been moved into his study. Hummmmm interesting.

I stand legs shoulder width apart, hands at the small of my back. I know I am already wet, its so darn hard to control being wet around Sir. I am always hungry and in desperate need of his touch.

As he is talking on the phone he puts a finger on my pussy to see if I am wet and needy. I do not disappoint him. He keeps talking as he plays with my pussy. I remain stock still and my cum is running down my legs and making a wet spot on carpet.

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