Feminism the new F-Bomb


According to Miriam Webster Feminism is: the theory of the political, economic, and social equality of the sexes; organized activity on behalf of women’s rights and interests.  That sounds idealistic in light of what most media outlets seem to portray as modern day feminism.  In much of the current press and even in day to day conversations feminism has become quite synonymous with female superiority or radical behavior.

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What Masks Do You Wear?


The other day Sir and I were talking about Halloween and what costume he may want to craft for himself this year.  In passing I said I never really do dress up for it, his response was swift, “you dress up every day as someone else.”   There is so much truth in that statement.


This got me thinking about the masks we all wear.  Yes, I project an extremely vanilla and ‘pure’ if you will façade when going to work or if I am in mom mode.  When I am with my Sir or going out to sing karaoke, my façade is very different.  When I go out to sing I like weather my collar, leather jacket and leather top with my black jeans.  If possible I like wearing my red heels.  This is my wild side.  When in private with my Sir my attire is a smile and collar.

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Tasks Day 2

imagesToday’s tasks were infinitely more challenging.  As I was working from home I was to wear no panties and a butt plug all day and spend time in self-bondage of handcuffs for at least an hour.   These seem simple enough and previously I agree I would be able to comply with ease.  It’s been a while since we have had ‘play time’ so this did present a challenge.  One I could achieve, still a challenge.

I had forgotten how wanton and the perpetual state of arousal it is to not wear underwear all day!  When Sir walked into my place tonight I was immediately in his arms kissing him, and had I not been finishing a work call I would have been undressing him at the door.   So finishing my call while he was here was challenging, to say the least.

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Tasks Day 1


Sir and I are one of those couples that live the lifestyle when we can. Let’s just say timing has NOT been on our side lately.

Sir and I have had a long spell of not having ‘play time’ and due to life, tasks have not been a priority. As we both have a great deal of work and life stressors happening it is more than understandable. Life happens. Today that all changed! Tasks are back! YEA!! As you can tell I am so very excited to see if I can live up to expectations.

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