Kinky Trip, Day 2


The next morning, we woke up intertwined with each other.  His arms firmly wrapped around me, the absolute most safe, secure and welcoming place on earth.  This is my favorite way to wake up.  I stir and as I roll over I see his grey eyes scanning over me.  He is watching me ensuring that I am safe as always.  As I stretch I move closer to him and reach up for a kiss.  He chuckles a bit.

“sassy you are insatiable as ever!”

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Kinky Trip, FINALLY


Sir and I had always shared a fantasy get away to somewhere tropical where cell phones do not work and minimal WiFi. This shared fantasy started shortly after we first met. One of Sir’s favorite things is to push my boundaries which is one of the many reasons I adore him and that we are together.  We finally book our dream vacation to the Caribbean and I was instructed that I did not need to pack much in the way of clothing.

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Crush, In Love, Trusted Love …


I think it is safe to assume if you are over the age 25 you have been in love at least once in your life. How do you know you are, how do you know it is something to hold on to, or should you let that love go?  Is it true that it is better to have love and lost than to have never loved at all?  These are questions that I have pondered over the last 5-10 years of my life. 

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An evening with Dommes

This is an excerpt from a joint writing venture, this is what I wrote…

It is dinner time. I am told to go clean up and make sure my holes are ready for use. I make my way to the appointed bathroom. Taking care to lotion areas that need it for future use, and also properly cleaning all holes. I take a moment to reflect on all that has happened since my arrival. Then realize that I need not dwell on it, Sir will let me process at home with him. I quickly finish up and report to the dining room.

The table is set for the Dommes. Sir is seated at the head of the table. I am told to get on the table and to not disturb the dishes. I climb up and lay down as instructed. My ankles are cuffed and chain to each side of the table, my hands have the same done to them. I am now spread eagle naked on a dining table. I look up at Sir searching for support. He looks on with interest.


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Learning Journey

My learning journey has been fraught with challenges, like all of us.  I am finding as I have gone past the 40th birthday my learning has accelerated.  I am now learning how to accept myself and be proud of myself for things I have accomplished and things I have been brave enough to try.  There is truth in the saying sexy is an attitude, it’s not just lip service (no pun intended). Here are a few things I have learned recently:

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Value each other

Ya know there is a difference between being a sexual submissive and a doormat.  I am only that way in location and it is my choice to submit, it also means I am a person with thoughts and feelings that have value. 

I work in a male dominated industry and therefore I am always viewed as someone of lesser value because I simply have boobs.  Why should my thoughts have less value just because I am a woman?  I do not think they have more value; they are and should be equally weighted as my male counterparts.  You might be surprised how well organized my thoughts actually are.  I bring value, I bring perspective, and I bring creative solutions.

I speak my mind and I am labeled a bitch or hard to work with.  If I show the slightest bit of emotion or express an emotion I am dismissed or it is trivialized.  Males can state their minds and they revered and honest and forthright.  If a male expresses emotion they are deemed sensitive and compassionate. This is downright misogyny at its finest.

Even the most well intentioned people can be dismissive of another, even those they care about. We all reach the breaking point.  I did yesterday.  Today it still hurts, I wish like no other that it did not still hurt, it was not intentional and I know that.  Sometimes the unintentional slip shows what is beneath, and that my friend was shocking.